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Simple library written in PHP for reading and creating GPX files.

Library is currently marked as Release Candidate but is already used in production on several projects without any problems. Documentation is available using GitHub pages generated by Jekyll.

Contribution and feedback is welcome! Please check the issues for TODO. I will be happy every feature or pull request.


Supported Extensions

Stats calculation


Open GPX file and load basic stats

use phpGPX\phpGPX;

$gpx = new phpGPX();
$file = $gpx->load('example.gpx');
foreach ($file->tracks as $track)
    // Statistics for whole track
    foreach ($track->segments as $segment)
    	// Statistics for segment of track

Writing to file

use phpGPX\phpGPX;

$gpx = new phpGPX();
$file = $gpx->load('example.gpx');

// XML
$file->save('output.gpx', phpGPX::XML_FORMAT);
$file->save('output.json', phpGPX::JSON_FORMAT);

Creating file from scratch


use phpGPX\Models\GpxFile;
use phpGPX\Models\Link;
use phpGPX\Models\Metadata;
use phpGPX\Models\Point;
use phpGPX\Models\Segment;
use phpGPX\Models\Track;

require_once '/vendor/autoload.php';

$sample_data = [
		'longitude' => 9.860624216140083,
		'latitude' => 54.9328621088893,
		'elevation' => 0,
		'time' => new \DateTime("+ 1 MINUTE")
		'latitude' => 54.83293237320851,
		'longitude' => 9.76092208681491,
		'elevation' => 10.0,
		'time' => new \DateTime("+ 2 MINUTE")
		'latitude' => 54.73327743521187,
		'longitude' => 9.66187816543752,
		'elevation' => 42.42,
		'time' => new \DateTime("+ 3 MINUTE")
		'latitude' => 54.63342326167919,
		'longitude' => 9.562439849679859,
		'elevation' => 12,
		'time' => new \DateTime("+ 4 MINUTE")

// Creating sample link object for metadata
$link = new Link();
$link->href = "";
$link->text = 'phpGPX Docs';

// GpxFile contains data and handles serialization of objects
$gpx_file = new GpxFile();

// Creating sample Metadata object
$gpx_file->metadata = new Metadata();

// Time attribute is always \DateTime object!
$gpx_file->metadata->time = new \DateTime();

// Description of GPX file
$gpx_file->metadata->description = "My pretty awesome GPX file, created using phpGPX library!";

// Adding link created before to links array of metadata
// Metadata of GPX file can contain more than one link
$gpx_file->metadata->links[] 	= $link;

// Creating track
$track = new Track();

// Name of track
$track->name = "Some random points in logical order. Input array should be already ordered!";

// Type of data stored in track
$track->type = 'RUN';

// Source of GPS coordinates
$track->source = "MySpecificGarminDevice";

// Creating Track segment
$segment = new Segment();

foreach ($sample_data as $sample_point)
	// Creating trackpoint
	$point = new Point(Point::TRACKPOINT);
	$point->latitude = $sample_point['latitude'];
	$point->longitude = $sample_point['longitude'];
	$point->elevation = $sample_point['elevation'];
	$point->time = $sample_point['time'];

	$segment->points[] = $point;

// Add segment to segment array of track
$track->segments[] = $segment;

// Recalculate stats based on received data

// Add track to file
$gpx_file->tracks[] = $track;

// GPX output
$gpx_file->save('CreatingFileFromScratchExample.gpx', \phpGPX\phpGPX::XML_FORMAT);

// Serialized data as JSON
$gpx_file->save('CreatingFileFromScratchExample.json', \phpGPX\phpGPX::JSON_FORMAT);

// Direct GPX output to browser

header("Content-Type: application/gpx+xml");
header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=CreatingFileFromScratchExample.gpx");

echo $gpx_file->toXML()->saveXML();


You can easily install phpGPX library with composer. There is no stable release yet, so please use release candidates.

composer require sibyx/phpgpx:@RC

API Documentation


I wrote this library as part of my job in Backbone s.r.o..


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.